Clinical Supervisors for Registered Psychotherapist

A Personalized Approach
to Clinical Supervision


Insight Clinical Supervision provides CRPO-recognized supervision for Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario.

• As a therapist

• As a person

• As a business owner


We recognize the various hats which psychotherapists in private practice have to wear, and we provide the tools and experience to help you build a thriving practice that provides lasting change for clients.

At Insight, our goal is to help you grow:

Barb Kirkham, Registered Psychotherapist, providing clinical supervision near me

Barb Kirkham
BA, MEd, R.P.
Rob Stanley


A Message from our Founders

Choosing the right clinical supervisor is one of the most important decisions you can make as a registered psychotherapist. Not only do you want a clinical supervisor who will provide you with the necessary hours, you also want one who will provide you with the necessary tools to help your practice succeed. We created Insight Clinical Supervision with this goal in mind. Having built successful sales and consulting careers—as well as thriving therapy practices—we know that the pathway from RP(Q) to RP is one that’s marked by knowledge, effort, and of course, hundreds of hours of effective therapy support for clients. Our goal at Insight is to help you along that pathway by sharpening your therapy skills, supporting you in your self-care and personal growth, and providing you with the business insights you need to get ahead. Our passion is to help therapists truly discover their professional identity and become agents of change with their clients. If that goal resonates with you as a therapist, then we would love to connect. Wishing you all the best on your therapy journey.